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  1. A 2020 XR Year-In-Review, with MetaVRse' Alan & Julie Smithson, and Alex Colgan

    2020's been a hell of a year, huh? Not just in XR, but for everyone around the world. But the COVID-19 pandemic and the year's other trials have definitely left their mark on the Metaverse (and MetaVRse), for good and ill. Alan chats with Julie, and VP of ...


  2. Bundling the Best of AR with Ease of Use, with BundlAR’s John Martin

    The world received a gift three years ago, in the form of AR technology from the likes of Google and Apple - ARKit and ARCore. But most businesses had no one on-staff at-hand to take advantage of this gift without some extensive upskilling to do. John Martin shares ...


  3. Enabling the XR Economy, with Holo-Light’s Florian Haspinger

    Plumbing a problem for developers in Germany, where old pipe systems can make renovating any structure a challenge. Holo-Light’s Florian Haspinger wants to help with problems like this using XR technologies, to enable an XR economy. Alan: Good morning, everyone, ...


  4. Bringing the Links to your Living Room with AR Golf, featuring Deloitte’s Allan Cook & Kaitlyn Kuczer

    Last year, Deloitte’s technology allowed golf fans to browse three historic holes right in their homes with XR technology; this year, they recreated the entire 18 holes of the U.S. Open. Alan chats with Allan Cook & Kaitlyn Kuczer who drive home how immersive tech is the ...


  5. From Racing Games to Impaired Driver Simulators in VR, with Talon Simulations’ Brandon Naids

    Talon Simulations was making great strides in the location-based entertainment industry, until COVID-19 hit. Now they’re pivoting the technology to suit more training-based use cases, and CEO Brandon Naids is on the show to explain how. Alan: Hey, everyone, welcome ...