Welcome to XR for Business with Alan Smithson

May 08, 2019 00:05:10
Welcome to XR for Business with Alan Smithson
XR for Business
Welcome to XR for Business with Alan Smithson

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We are about to see the largest transformation in human history. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, quantum computing, 5G, blockchain and virtual, augmented & mixed Reality are all maturing at the exact same time.

My name is Alan Smithson, and I am going to be your host for the XR for Business podcast where I will interview industry leaders who are either making or using immersive virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions for business.

From marketing and sales to logistics and training to design and remote collaboration, you will learn how the world’s largest organizations are implementing an XR For Business strategy and why you should too.

We are about to see the largest transformation in human history. Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, quantum computing, 5G, blockchain and virtual, augmented & mixed Reality are all maturing at the exact same time.

Anyone of these technologies on their own would be revolutionary but used together, we begin racing towards the Singularity or the point where the exponential curve of technology goes straight up, unlocking unprecedented value in the market.

Over the next 10 years, more than $1T in value will be created by virtual, augmented & mixed reality (XR). Our goal is to be the central community hub for XR for business and XR For education.

Our mission is simple: Hyper-Accelerate XR For Business & Education.

The XR for Business podcast will interview leaders from marketing, manufacturing, retail, training, HR, banking, insurance, emergency services, IT, and of course from virtual, augmented and mixed reality professionals creating the tools we will use to enter into the age of spatial computing.

The podcast is aimed at inspiring and educating business leaders who are looking for an advantage by leveraging the transformative power of XR.

This is our way of sharing our years of research, knowledge, successes and failures with you, our listeners in hopes that you will be better able to make sound investments in this technology to help you solve problems that affect us all; unnecessary business travel, retiring workforce, environmental impacts, job upskilling, automation, rapid employee onboarding, knowledge retention, remote operations and so many more. XR is solving these challenges in spectacular order.

This podcast interviews the world’s top brands across industries from retail and e-commerce to food service, telecommunications and education so you can glean information that is relevant to you.

Some of the technologies encompassed by the term XR include; 360° video, 3D Volumetric capture, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, virtual, augmented & mixed reality, computer vision, machine learning, and spatial audio, haptics, and even scent machines.

A little bit about me and how I came to host the XR For Business podcast: I am the Founder and CEO of MetaVRse alongside some very talented people including one I am particularly fond of, my wife and Co-Founder, Julie Smithson. We have been working in XR since 2014 when I first tried the Oculus Rift DK1.

MetaVRse is a leader in XR Solutions for business. Over the past 4 years, we have made some incredible world firsts; We built the first VR Photobooth™ for Samsung. We built the first Augmented Reality Teleportal for Genesys and Adobe. We made the first commercial WebAR project for Shoppers Drug Mart. We even built an AR app for HBO’s Westworld launch and a augmented reality sandbox for Kubota Tractors. We filmed Niagara Falls, Pride, Groove Cruise, and the Queen’s Plate in 360° video.

We have consulted for firms in almost every industry; telecom, mining, food service, retail, marketing, e-commerce and education.

It has been through these experiences that we have built the most incredible community of XR developers, researchers, manufacturers, evangelists, and executives, many of whom you will get to learn from on this show.

You can learn more about the amazing work our team at MetaVRse is doing by visiting MetaVRse.com.

Another great initiative is our MetaVRse Ignite program, a 3-month intensive program aimed at taking the top XR startups in the world and providing the network, administration, marketing and sales to take them from startup to scaleup fast. If you are interested in being a partner or you have a startup and you wish to apply, visit XRIgnite.com.

As a companion to this podcast, you can sign up for our community and keep up to date with our daily blog.

I truly look forward to sharing the knowledge of industry experts to help you make the most informed decisions about XR in your company.

Thank you for listening; this has been the XR For Business Podcast with your host, Alan Smithson, and until next time, AWESOME!

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